Into the Clouds We Went


Shooting in the Smokey’s is probably my favorite to do …. ever.  Getting the opportunity to shoot a chapter of a love story there is a feeling that makes me so happy.  The day I met Lisa & John there the weather was rough.  It was chilly, foggy and raining.   But hey, when you’ve traveled this far from home there’s no choice but to work with what nature gives you.  They were game and so was I.  So started by taking them to the highest point in the Smokey Mountain National Park where I knew the weather would be at it’s worst but the light was the best to be honest.  So we got wet.  But that really didn’t make any difference because we soon forgot about the elements.  As the day went on I learned about their story, how they met.  I got a pretty good idea of where their story started and it’s a good one.  So they laughed, kissed & hugged in whatever the mountains threw at us. Their wedding is later this year in St. Louis.  I am looking forward to shooting this one.  To seeing these two again.  To documenting another chapter in their love story.


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