I don't do normal, standard or traditional very well.


Hi, I'm Brian


I often joke that all my pictures come with your personality. Sounds funny doesn't it? But there is a difference between a posed picture of you vs one you helped to create...by being yourself. This means you did something, rather than just looking into the camera. Your photographer can't give you a personality. But what I can do is make you comfortable enough in front of the camera to let your true self show. I think having a photographer with this skill is just as important as having one that understands the technical aspects of photography. Once I understood this, I became a better photographer. It's not so ironic that my clients also started liking their pictures better!

Something Natural & Real

I make it a point to ask my clients why they chose me? Nearly every single time the response I get is something along the lines of 'we like the natural feel of your pictures'. So what does that mean to me? It means capturing my clients in a way that doesn't look contrived. This has little to do with the camera skills and everything to do with people skills.

Strong Kung Fu


I believe in strong kung fu.

No, I’m not referring to martial arts.

It’s a Chinese concept that any skill/discipline can be improved

with hard work.

I apply this concept to photography.

It's very simple: I am always trying to improve.

I am never satisfied with staying the same.

I am motivated to get better each time I pick up the camera

Learning is a life time pursuit that never really ends.

I'm not trying to reach a certain goal,

I just want to keep growing.





I See Life as a grand


With Stories

To be Told


I am not a businessmen. I am an artist who makes a living telling stories with a camera. I take stills, but those stills are meant to be living document of important moments in your life. Whether it's a wedding, maternity, family portraits or senior pictures: my pictures do the same thing, they document something in your past you want to remember.


You want a photographer you can trust & one who believes photographs are important. This is absolutely my passion & that shows in my pictures.


So let's go on an adventure. Let me tell your story. Message me, let's start a conversation.

I've made a life out of documenting love stories

And important moments in the lives of my clients

Nothing I've ever done before has been as fulfilling

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Drink Instant Coffee
Do more
Practice Strong Kung Fu
& most importantly:
Don't Panic
Brian Rickey Photographer