I believe in telling stories
Not just shooting pictures


Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. I’m Brian. I am a wedding & portrait photographer based in St. Louis. I love to travel so I am also down for destination weddings/elopements. For the past 15 years I have been documenting important moments in the lives of amazing humans. This is my passion & the fact it has also become my livelihood is like living the best dream.


I absolutely love being an artist & I see each shoot as an opportunity to tell a story. My style is documentary. I try to capture people being real. So don’t expect a lot of formal posing when we shoot. I want to create authentic pictures. Interacting with my clients & focusing on their relationships is key to achieving that. Together we will create a visual record of real moments for you to look back on. Photographs should make you smile & remember the best times. Isn’t that the point of getting your picture taken?


Let's chat. Message me btr@brianthomasrickey.com

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4 Random Things About Me



I’ve been told so many times that I look like Iron

Man it’s gone straight to my head...literally! I even get asked by people if they can take their picture with me. I don’t charge! Yes this is me in the helmet. Yes it lights up. Yes it makes sounds. Yes I also have an LED arc light reactor that sticks to my chest.


In a galaxy far far away history was my life. I've studied & taught it for what seems forever. This was one of the favorite parts of my life. There are books stashed everywhere around here. Fun fact: I have a lot of former students ask me to shoot their weddings. Those days are extra special


I love to take insanely long road trips. I've driven to Alaska twice! My longest road trip was 11,299 miles! I typically drive with no set path. Sometimes I end up in the most unexpected places. For example: this picture was taken in Stewart BC. I had no idea of what I would find when I decided to go there. I simply decided to turn right instead of going to Vancouver at one point in my trip. I discovered Hyder Alaska as well. Imagine the middle of nowhere, this is far from that! Hence I have a tattoo that reads 'not all those who wander are lost'.


By far my favorite thing in the world to do is hike. I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to so many amazing places. I prefer to hike on mountains. The colder the better! The more snow & ice the happier I am. The reason I take so many road trips is to hike. I think my all time favorite memory is drinking glacier water from a hike in Banff National Park. I was on a mountain top and had the entire place to myself. This was my view. To get here I had to go over a ridge which had snow that was above my waist! It was too soft to walk on and I had no snow shoes. That was fun!

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& most importantly:
Don't Panic
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