Slide Show Samples

I started doing slide shows for my wedding clients a couple of years ago. Its something I try to deliver the best I can in between the wedding & delivery of pictures. I quickly discovered that I loved making & especially delivering these. I think they fall in between stills & video. They tell a
story in stills with a sense of movement to them. Each slide show gets a song. Sometimes I might use a song a few times but I always try to match the song to the feel of the day. Clients get all the pictures I the slide show & they have the ability to download it to save it & play it back on their own devices… Forever. They can also post them in social media if they choose. So here are a few samples of slide shows I delivered over the years Some default text here

- Let's Be Social -

Drink Instant Coffee
Do more
Practice Strong Kung Fu
& most importantly:
Don't Panic
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Brian Rickey Photographer