Canada 2013 Part 1 ~ Travel

I was so excited about driving through Canada. I knew from my research that it was going to be awesome, but my expectations were blown away by what I saw.  This entry into my 11,299 2013 road trip log covers  Vancouver to the border of Alaska.   Vancouver was pretty much like. . .  America.  They took our coins in their meters, there were really no accents (at least on those whom I met)  and the Starbucks was pretty much the same.  I felt right at home.  The construction of the buildings and all that glass like material was a marvel to behold.   The city was built with a design in mind.  Canadians were friendly, everywhere I went.   Route 99 outside of Vancouver is a must drive.  Route 37 the Stewart Highway is not for everyone.  It’s over 600 miles and I believe there are 2 gas stations, not open all night.  One of the most remote highways in the world.  I did not carry an extra gas can and almost ran out of gas.   On Route 37 I had my first taste of light into the wee hours of the morning.  The light at midnight when the sun only partially sets is unreal, something everyone should see at least once.  This was the best picture taking light i have ever seen before.  600 miles of mountains and glaciers.   Alaska is next!


Brian Rickey Photographer