We love life…. and each other


Kelli & Brian.  Kelli & Brian.  A love story.  The stuff of life.

They had been in love for a long time.  This day was dreamed of, planned out… for so long.  Kelli was a former student.  I believe there were at least 3 former students at this wedding.  That fact always makes these so much more special for me.

Brian had sent her a slide show on a laptop in the morning. It brought pretty much everyone to tears.  He had been pretty sick the night before but he pulled it together and you could never tell.  Love is the little things and the big ones all together. This day had both of these.

Wedding days have this rhythm to them.  When you see them week in and out, all the moments.  Witness the behind the scenes scenes.  You can really get a feel for a couple.  How much work they put into a day.  How much their family and friends care so much… want to see the very best for them.  It’s inspiring.  These two are really life partners.  These two are going to have the best life.  The wedding was just a one day example of how happy every day is for them.


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