Darby ~ St. Louis Senior Photographer


This was really less a senior shoot as it was a styled portrait session.  Darby really wasn’t wanting a regular session, she really wanted more of a fashion themed shoot.  She came prepared with a lot of outfits, in fact she broke the record for me with the number outfit changes!   I can definitely do those types of shoots since I do have experience shooting fashion from NYC to Los Angeles.  So if this is the type of session you want let me know!
Darby (1)Darby (2)Darby (3)Darby (4)Darby (5)Darby (6)Darby (7)Darby (9)Darby (10)Darby (11)Darby (12)Darby (13)Darby (14)Darby (16)Darby (17)Darby (18)Darby (19)Darby (20)Darby (21)Darby (22)Darby (23)Darby (24)Darby (26)Darby (27)Darby (28)Darby (29)Darby (30)Darby (31)Darby (33)Darby (32)Darby (34)Darby (35)Darby (37)Darby (38)Darby (39)Darby (40)Darby (41)Darby (42)Darby (44)Darby (45)Darby (46)Darby (47)Darby (48)Darby (49)Darby (50)Darby (51)IMG_1391Darby (56)Darby (58)Darby (59)Darby (60)Darby (61)Darby (62)Darby (63)Darby (64)Darby (66)Darby (67)Darby (68)Darby (69)Darby (70)Darby (72)Darby (73)Darby (74)Darby (75)Darby (76)Darby (77)Darby (78)Darby (80)Darby (81)Darby (82)Darby (83)Darby (84)Darby[fb_button]


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