Twenty Fifteen Road Trip ~ Travel

8, 679 miles. A year of planning, 14 States 3 Canadian Provinces. I was on the road for nearly 4 weeks, living out of my car most of the time when I wasn’t hiking. I meandered around with only a vague set of destination points. I hiked, bought a lot of craft beer, met a lot of very cool people, ate a lot of awesome food and explored. This is a long post, but this is really only a fraction of it all. This is a sample of what I saw on this trip. I hiked in storms, snow up to my hips, and into alpine valleys where I was the only human being. And in less than 115 days I am getting ready for an even more epic trip. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Keep an eye on my fb page if you are interested in prints, I will start to sell some very soon.



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