Twenty Twenty Best of



Other than a few creative shoots, I am finally done with 2020.

So these amazing humans hired me to preserve moments for them.  This is what I did for them in 2020.  Or at least a small fraction of it.  This isn’t every person I shot or probably every good moment.  It’s what I came up with after weeks of looking through a lot pictures.  This isn’t an exact science.   If I were to post every person & great moment this would be a couple of thousand pictures.  That’s insane.  As it is, this is my largest slide show & blog post ever.  Guess I’m getting worse at culling.

Looking through all of my 2020 shoots I realized that I literally have no idea of what I’m doing.  For real.  I interact with people spinning my way through all the settings on the camera hardly planning out what’s going on.  I use the camera as an extension of the life I see in front of my eyes.  I am the least technical photographer you will ever find.  I could care less about aesthetics & settings.  I don’t do set ups & even if I pose you, I’m always looking for the shot when you break the pose.

I want emotions.

Unrehearsed moments.

Life in Ad lib, improvised form.

I look at these & think what a contrast this is to me.  Honestly I’m part introvert/hermit.  Even more since I left teaching.  I’m a few years away from disappearing in the woods somewhere living in an airstream.

But what will never change, is my passion for doing this.  For all those who make it possible, I can never thank you enough.






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