My family sessions are really more like mini adventures designed to capture the lifestyles of my subjects instead of just basic posed pictures. I always have my families doing stuff, going places, having fun.  All the while I tag along capturing authentic moments that they will treasure for years to come.  I want my clients to have fun, to be in motion, laughing, playing.   This helps me to capture real moments, not scripted ones.

We started this session in a cool coffee shop in the Central West End.  There were cupcakes and lattes involved, something for adults & kids! We then strolled around the Central West End before heading over to Forest Park.   It doesn’t make any difference what time of the year I shoot portraits, I always try to work in a season theme with the session.  We shot these pictures in the fall so some warm treats seemed like a good idea, and why not make that a part of the session?

I love shooting the same families multiple times.  Typically it really helps with young kids.  The more they get to be around me the more themselves they will be, and this makes for better pictures.  All of this does make a difference in creating a final product that the clients will love.  Family sessions are always unique, and I love shooting them because I know how important it is to parents to have those memories in print, on the walls of their houses & on their computer screens.  The more honest, authentic and real those prints are,  the easier it is for families to relive & remember the best times in their lives.  Isn’t that after all, why a client would pay a photographer?  That’s exactly what I strive to do with each shoot.

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