Colorado Part I ~ Travel

Colorado was my second road trip this summer.   I rememeber that Wednesday night in June sitting at home watching TV.  I got up off the couch and decided I wanted to go somewhere.  I packed the car up, drove down the street to get gas and just sat there for a few minutes.  Then I thought, hwy70.  I want to hit hwy70 and just keep going west.  I went all the way to Denver without sleeping, then headed north towards the Rocky Mountain State Park.  I got to Estes Park as the sun was going down.  I found a cool cabin for the night.  Had a great conversation with the owner.   One great thing about travelling is the people who work on the other end love talking to their guest who come from far away.  I had dinner and some drinks at Ed’s Catinila.  I spent the next 3 days at Estes Park before moving on the other side of Trail Ridge Road to Grand lake.  These shots are from the drive in and my first couple of days on the trials.  I will probably have at least 2 more Colorado post.




Brian Rickey Photographer