Let’s be happy forever

This is Natalie & Matt’s story.

The day start at the house she grew up in.  A majestic classic St. Louis house.  Just about every room had something going on in it.

I love those kinds of mornings.  I just float around from place to place snapping up memories as I go. Their 1st look was absolute classic.

There was so much anticipation for Matt to see his girl in that dress.  I just get wrapped up in all the emotion with everyone else during those moments.

After the ceremony I took them to the Loop in St. Louis.  Probably one of the busiest streets on a Saturday in St. Louis.

We just went up & down the crowded sunny street having a blast & shooting as we went

I’ve falling in love this year all over again with street photography

The reception was at the 3rd Degree Glass Factory.  There is not a more classic St. Louis venue

After dancing the night away they were surprised by their parents with a lighted night time carriage ride

Such a great love story.  20 years from now I hope I am still adding love stories to this blog

The song is one I used for their slide show.  Such a catchy tune!




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& most importantly:
Don't Panic
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