Nothing To See Here… but Total Happiness


The Cheatham’s.  Leia’s exact words when she first emailed me were:

“I’m much more interested in emotion & connection than a formal family picture”.   

That’s exactly how I would describe what I strive for in every shoot I do.  When we first met I started shooting almost immediately.  We had never met before.  But it just seemed everyone felt so relaxed.  This was a happy family.  They just went about being a family at play.  5 individuals all with unique personalities & yet together they formed this beautiful cohesive unit.  None of the things that made them who they were as people were sacrificed so they could all stand still for a formal shot.  I should direct all my new families to this post.   I had kids running around, jumping, climbing… there were kids everywhere.  And you know what:  mom & dad joined right in.  This was as much quality family time as it was a shoot.  So while they were just living their epic lives I followed them around for 2 hours & documented some pretty important moments.

After I delivered the shoot, Leia told me they were getting ready to celebrate an anniversary.  As these kids grow up I have a feeling they are going to have so many more happy anniversary’s.  This is a day in the life of the Cheatham’s.

5 happy people

3 amazing kids

2 adults who haven’t lost touch with what it means to be a kid.

That makes for the best parents.

These pictures are proof of that.





Brian Rickey Photographer