The world needs a good love story right now

I remember the night I first met Kate & Tim for a consultation.  I had just finished a shoot and zoomed over to a Starbucks in St. Louis to meet and chat with them about their wedding. I listened to them tell me about the plans for their wedding & the story about how them met.  I knew I just had to document their wedding.   I could tell their wedding was going to be special.  These two were so crazy in love & so pumped to ‘tie the knot’ & connect their lives together forever.  They were in permanent happy mode the entire day.  Everyone one around them felt the same way.  The happiness was contagious.  From sunset until late in the evening.  Their celebration of love was one I’ll never forget.  The whole day went off perfectly.  I can remember the drive home from each & every wedding I’ve shot.  I love that drive.  It’s like the good vibes are alive.  Their wedding was no different.  I hope you enjoy these shots from Kate & Tim’s love story.


Brian Rickey Photographer