2012 Road Trip, My Iphone & VSCOCAM

This summer was epic.  Armed with a car full of cameras and some clothes I took off on two road trips out west.  I almost no place to be on the first trip, and literally no where to be when I took off on the second one several weeks later.   Which means I drove at random.  Sleeping in rest stops, sometimes for only an hour or so a night.  I had to be at a new location for each sunrise and sunset, so there wasn’t a lot of time to rest.  While I used the DSLRs a lot, my phone proved to be the most convenient most of the time.  Especially since I could post the shots immediately.    These shots are not in any order.  They are from Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Kansas, Utah, Las Vegas, Los Angels, Albuquerque,  Chicago,  and probably a couple of other places.



Brian Rickey Photographer