Twenty Seventeen: The Year in Review

Not sure where to begin with the story of 2017.  The year started with so many doubts and uncertainties.  I had personally derailed and needed to make a quick decision on what my next move was.  I decided to go at this full time.  I was all in.  Nothing held back.  I had no idea on how bumpy the road would be or where I would be at by the end of the year.  But by the sheer confidence in me by the people you see in these pictures, I made it and by the end of the year the path seemed a bit more clear.

I owe each and every couple, family and senior a huge debt of gratitude.  I am now working my dream job.  In some ways it still doesn’t seem real.  I took a chance, a leap of faith if you will.  This path was an unexpected twist in the road of my life.  At the moment I have landed on my feet.   I can only hope in the future I continue to do the same.  I’ve traded security and the 9-5 world for freedom.  These pictures are both a testament of and the result of that freedom.

This post isn’t short.  Brevity isn’t my specialty. What follows are some of the



love stories,


tears, joy

and the world that I’ve seen this year.  This is a fraction from the highlights of 2017.



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Drink Instant Coffee
Do more
Practice Strong Kung Fu
& most importantly:
Don't Panic
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