11,299 Road Trip Part 1

This is the first of what will be many post on my road trip last summer, all 11, 299 miles of it.   This post covers everything from St. Louis to Yosemite.  All of Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and parts of California.  This is the part of the trip that I did the least amount of stopping on.  The skies were the big star here.  I’ve been all over this continent, and the Great Plains hands down has the most dramatic skies of anywhere that I have been.  I enjoyed the trek down Route 6 in Nevada, up to that point in time the most remote highway I have ever been on.  One of the  most remote highways there is.  162 miles with no services.  There is literally nothing on it but desert and weird military bases, including the missile test ranges.  No need to worry about trespassing on those!   There were also places to hike off of Route 6, but to get to them you had to drive 30 or 40 miles out in the desert on really rough looking roads.  With no cell coverage and no humans I am assuming only well prepared people could venture out there. I also saw a pack of wild horses.  They were so beautiful and were running at full tilt next to the road.  I had to drive and shoot with one hand out the window.  I managed to get some decent shots.  I also saw the Clown Motel in California.  The place creeps me out.  I believe the Ghost Hunters dudes stopped in there once and they were even creeped out.   The next post will be on Yosemite.





Brian Rickey Photographer