Sarah & Chris – St. Louis Engagement Photography

This session.  These two.   A lot of couples that come to me & hire me dread getting their pictures taken.  Why?  Because of past experiences.  Many are painful, boring.  Overly posed pictures that take time to set up and look cheesy.  I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone say my sessions are boring.  Just the opposite.  My goal is always to feature who my clients really are, which is usually  two people in love that want to have fun. If I can do that while at the same time fitting into it all who I am  (I am the artist after all) then that is an epic win.  I am motion, laughter, adventure.  This sessions pretty much captures all of that perfectly.  Especially when I unleashed them in the grocery store, told them to just be goofy, be free, be happy and in love and I would follow.  I took my small Fuji and off we went.  I didn’t even crop the photos because I like the random organic feel of them.  I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures, because they were sure fun to take.  In the future look for their civil ceremony on the blog.



Brian Rickey Photographer