This is for Mia



This post has 2 humans, 1 cat & 1 dog in it


But the star of this post is the dog.  Mia


This is the 1st time I have ever been hired to specifically shoot a dog.  I could not put out of my mind when I was shooting her, that she is terminally ill.  I thought for a couple of days about how I wanted to shoot her.  I Googled pet pictures.  Ugh.  Nothing I saw really inspired me.

So I decided I would shoot Mia no differently than if I was shooting kids.  Parents hire me to create a record of who their kids are at the age I am shooting them.  In this case I am shooting Mia, who she is, her life, things she likes to do.

So this was a record but it was a very special one.


I have a feeling a picture of her will be hanging in their house forever



Mia tolerates but is slightly suspicious of her cat sibling

She loves playing with her balls & her rope

She enjoys sitting under the hammock in the back yard

She’s a ham who enjoyed getting her picture taken

She’s content sitting in weeds with the sun shining on her

She also will give you the side eye if you act sus

She seriously looks happy sitting in the back seat with the car window down

But more than anything else she loves her mom & dad

That was very apparent


I did this shoot with 3 different type of cameras



And a digital camera with a disposable film camera lens on it (yes this is a thing)



Brian Rickey Photographer