Seven Thousand, Nine Hundred And Forty Six Miles – A Road Trip Preview

This post is big. The trip was long. There is nothing I love more than being on the road. Seven thousand, nine hundred and forty six miles. My road trip (as in I drove) across a continent, 12 states, 2 counties, 3 Canadian Provinces. To me one of the key elements to being human is to explore. Not material things or getting ahead in the rat race but to explore. Nothing makes me feel more alive or more satisfied. I met so many new people, saw so many natural and man made wonders, moved along so many roads that were a mystery. Hiked in the clouds, drank glacier water straight from streams, formed new relationships, tried so many new things. I think the best trail to take is the one you have never been on before. Our lives too often become wrapped up in the familiar. What you don’t realize unless you break out of that is that you are missing so much. You are not really living if you always know what to expected the unexpected and the mystery that forces us to adapt. That is being alive. This is a preview of the entire trip, but probably only about 5% of the best pictures.



Brian Rickey Photographer