Tori & Alex ~ St. Louis Engagement

The three of us trekked north up the Mississippi River to the romantic town of Elsa. It was an extremely cold day but you really couldn’t tell by looking at these shots because we really were having a great time. Their wedding is coming up soon and I know it’s going to be beautiful event and I can’t wait to document it.

ToriandAlex (1)ToriandAlex (2)ToriandAlex (3)ToriandAlex (4)ToriandAlex (5)ToriandAlex (6)ToriandAlex (7)ToriandAlex (8)ToriandAlex (9)ToriandAlex (10)ToriandAlex (11)ToriandAlex (12)ToriandAlex (13)ToriandAlex (14)ToriandAlex (15)ToriandAlex (16)ToriandAlex (17)ToriandAlex (18)ToriandAlex (19)ToriandAlex (20)ToriandAlex (21)ToriandAlex (22)ToriandAlex (23)ToriandAlex (24)



Brian Rickey Photographer