Engagement Style Guide

1. If we don't have a date yet, let's get that taken care of!

2. This guide is meant to help you plan for your shoot but nothing is written in stone. Above all else the most important thing is to have fun!


4. Wardrobe & styling are very important. If you have any questions all you have to do is ask! Here are some Wardrobe basics:


a. It’s always better to pack too many options than too few. I suggest at least 2 outfit changes but
remember that I don’t put any limits on these!

b. Tanning does not make you look better in photographs! Please avoid tanning or at least over tanning
before your session!

c. Try to avoid all white outfits if possible

d. Avoid any clothing that has large brand logos! This stuff will look dated, trust me

e. I don’t Photoshop skin! Cover any blemishes the best you can before the shoot. If you have a concern about something just speak to me before the shoot!

f. Accessories are great, but don’t overdo it!

g. Put your outfits on hangers and arrange them! Avoid wrinkly clothes!

h. Try to avoid heavy makeup, especially bronzer and deep blushes.








When should we have our engagement shoot?

-If you plan on using the pictures from your engagement shoot for save the date cards then you have to take that into consideration as well as the time it takes me to process the pictures which is usually a couple of weeks. For a non destination wedding it is a good idea to mail out save the dates at least 4 months in advance


-The time of year is your preference. I think all the seasons have something to offer. If you want May, June or October schedule early! These are very busy times for me


-As a rule of thumb I almost always start my shoots about 2 hours before sunset


-I generally do all my engagements Monday - Thursdays. Saturday's & Sundays are also possible if I don't have a wedding scheduled.

About the Session

These sessions are really just about celebrating your love and life together. It’s a chance to capture moments that tell your story,

embrace individuality, showcase creativity, and illustrate the love you share. Above all I want you to be relaxed. A lot of people

get nervous before getting their picture taken. I assure you this probably won't be like what you are expecting. We will be

exploring and having fun. None of the people in my pictures are models, but they are in love! That's what I do, I document

your relationship. I also tell horrible jokes.

Above all we are going to have fun and you will become more comfortable with getting your picture taken so when it comes to

the wedding day you will be even more relaxed!




Locations are important to getting your shoot to look the way you want it to. I ask clients if they want - urban, rural or nature.

In many cases we can do a mixture of the 2. I am not opposed to and often drive to 2 or more locations for a shoot if the

distance is not too great. One thing you can do is look through my pictures and see if any locations you see interest you.


It’s important that you choose a unique location that’s reflective of both of you. Think about things that inspire you; consider places

that have might have sentimental meaning to you or anything that’s fun or different about your hobbies, careers, or passions you may

want to incorporate. Make it personal. Get together and brainstorm anything that describes both of you; if you’re both coffee fanatics,

maybe think about including your favorite local cafe in your session. If your style is more modern and minimal, you may want to

pick a city block with modern store fronts, a building or restaurant with modern flair, a modern art museum, or a parking garage

with geometric architecture, an industrial setting, for example. If you’re both foodies, a colorful outdoor market or a picnic may be

an option. If you’re both constantly found with your nose buried in books, bookstore, library, or a study might be right for you. If

you’re both earth lovers who want to spend your session in the sun, in the grass, in flowing clothing, pack a picnic or grab some

bikes and we’ll make it happen.


Urban Ideas:

-The Riverfront for more industrial looks

-The art district around the Fox

-Any one of several parking garage roof tops with great views of the city

-Downtown St. Louis. The area around the old post office is especially cool

-Any of the neighborhoods: Cherokee Street, The Grove, Soulard, Washington Ave, Lafayette Square, etc.


Nature/Rural Ideas:

-Elsa IL

-Shaw Nature Preserve in Gray Summit

-St. Ellen Mine Park in Ofallon Il

-Silver Creek Preserve in Mascoutah

-Mayestown IL & Bluff Road (there is also a steep trail here with a great overloo/cliff!)

-The Kennedy Forest which is on the west end of Forest Park

-Downtown Lebanon IL





What to wear!

Brian Rickey Photographer