Ellie & Zach – St. Louis Wedding Photography

One fantastic fall day last year at the Hidden Lake Winery in Aviston Illinois.  That’s when Ellie & Zach got married.   Their vision was to include as many of their friends and family as possible, and to have fun.  I am pretty sure we succeeded on that.

 When we met for their engagement pictures I knew right away we were a good match.  Getting them to laugh we the easiest thing in the world to do.  They also got my …. odd sense of humor.

For their big day it was overcast with perfect light.  It just seemed like everything flowed that day.  We had a lot of time for pictures so we explored all around the grounds at the winery.   Their first look was pretty emotional.  Each had written vows.  They read them just to one another. So romantic.  Probably the most romantic moment of the day.  Eyes were not dry!

  Everyone showed up in force to help celebrate.  It’s always so heartwarming to see a huge group of people come together to participate in a love story.  So many friends and family.  So many happy moments.  I always aim for the larger picture.  My job isn’t to get that one majestic shot.  It’s to stitch together all the moments of the day into a photographic record.  Its about memory.  Art.  Love.  At the start of the day, and the end, everyone was all smiles.  Their last dance involved everyone at the reception and one of the grandparents became a dancing machine.  I feel so lucky to get to experience happy moments like that while I work.   As with every wedding I shoot, I leave feeling good.  I know I just witnessed not just a celebration of love, but the beginning of a new family.    This was a good day.


Brian Rickey Photographer