1st Looks – St. Louis Wedding Photography

Let’s talk about first looks.  When I first heard of this concept many years ago I thought it was really cool idea.  I was even more excited when a bride and groom first decided to have me photograph one. Not everyone likes them, and that’s cool.  But I really think that first looks are becoming a new tradition.  To me they make a lot of sense.   When discussing the possibility of a first look I always try to explain to my couples the advantages it offers.

         A first look gives the bride and groom their own moment away from the crowds.  I generally lightly script them, then step back.  I don’t direct, I prefer to let nature take its course.   A wedding day is about a lot of different things and people, but lets face it:  a wedding day is really about the bride and groom and their love.

That love is never stronger that at the moment they first meet eyes on that day they have planned for so long.  Sure, seeing each other at the ceremony for the first time is cool.  But the emotions I see at every first look are intimate.  And with all the non stop action of the average wedding day,  isn’t it nice to have a quiet moment for such an important event?  The first look provides that intimacy that a wedding day is all about and gives me a chance to document that moment for the bride & groom forever.  Here is a collection of some of the first looks I have had the pleasure to document.





Brian Rickey Photographer