Jess & Joe.   I dig the connection these two have.  From their family, their friends, their two dogs.  They have this fabulous life they have made with each other.  Their wedding day flowed effortlessly, which is the result of careful planning & a great supportive group of people around them.  I mainly saw three different expressions on this day:  smiles, laughing, tears = all of these though were expressions of joy & love.  They got married at the Wow event center in Alton IL.  This was my first time at this venue.  I loved the vibe of the place.  A little eclectic with some vintage mixed in.  From the window you could see the Mississippi which at that time was overflowing its banks.  But inside the focus was the wedding of two great people.  I left this one with a smile on my face, but that’s not all that unusual when I’m leaving a wedding, especially one this special.