Sara & Aaron – St. Louis Wedding Photography

So this is a super long post, but I’m not even sorry.  Sometimes I shoot a wedding with a couple that I know I am going to know after their wedding in real life.  These two definitely fall into that category.  Our morbid sense of humor that we had in common made us a perfect match.  I think we shared a beer the first time we met for our consultation.  99% of the time we spent together through both their engagement and wedding was spent in all out laughter.  They didn’t have a wedding party and gave me pretty much the entire afternoon to take them wherever I wanted for pictures.  So we had a great adventure around St. Louis.  Their ceremony was outside at Tower Grove Park and no one seemed to care too much that it was freezing cold because their friends and family are just as epic as they are.  Life should be fun. This was a party.  This was fun.

Weddings are supposed to be celebrations of life.  These two celebrate life everyday they are together. I feel so good to have just been a part of that celebration, to be able to document one of many chapters in their love story.



Brian Rickey Photographer