A Year of Celebrations: 2019

This is a long post.
It will take some time to look at.  I make no apologies, but I hope it’s worth it. I shot on average once every 4.7 days last year. There are a hundred pictures I wanted to post for every one you’ll see here. These aren’t necessarily the best, but they do provide a snap shot into what my year was like. You will look through them because you like my work & you follow me or maybe you’re looking for a photographer. This post gives you an idea of what’s important to me and how I shoot. The vast majority of people come to me not because of price or convenience but because they seriously care about preserving their memories. They can tell I do as well. The people I’ve shot for this year down to the last one are all so sweet and genuine. I do appreciate you all.
I don’t think its possible for me to say that enough.
You will not find a lot of perfectly posed or lighted shots here.
Instead you will find a random collection of laughs, smiles and every other emotion arranged with no rhyme or reason other than I hope they appear full of life. All shot in whatever conditions they occurred it, in whatever light there was.
What you will find is sincerity.
I care about that very much.
If I were to stop shooting & retire from photography, what I’ve seen & documented this last year would give me personally enough happy memories to last several lifetimes. I am not sure if I am there yet. What I am sure of is I have a 2020 that is going to be even busier. I have stories to tell and trips to make. This year I will check off one of the very most important items on my bucket list: A wedding in the Rockies/Estes Park. I will be back in the smokies for more engagements. I have new venues and some favorite old ones to shoot at. I will see many of the great families I have shot in the past and hopefully a few new ones. I have an enormous number of love stories to tell. I look forward to seeing you all again or meeting you for the first time.
Everything moves so fast.
I hope these pictures act as sort of a time machine.
2019 was a challenge. One I welcomed. I know on many walls in the homes of my clients there are pictures. Ones I took. I don’t value attention (I am very low key) or money at all. But knowing that once in a while someone will look at one of those pictures and smile is enough for me. It’s all I need. That’s why I shoot. So if you have the time, take a look at a few of the memories that I preserved last year.  From St. Louis, to Tennessee to California and a lot of little beautiful places in between.   I photographed people & places.  I saw Yosemite, Bryce Canyon & Sequoia National Parks this year in the heart of winter. Yosemite & Sequoia were in the midst of major storms while I was there.  More items off my bucket list.

I do expect to produce a slide show of a condensed version of this in the next day or so.  That might be easier for some of you.

For now, here is some of what I saw this year as I got the opportunity to share a moment or two in the lives of some really amazing people.  Press play on the song.  I’ve used it before but it’s my latest obsession.  It probably won’t last the whole time it takes to look at all of these, but you’ll still get the vibe I was going for… and it will loop!