Veronica – San Francisco Portraits

This post is about personal work.   In the middle of two careers occurring simultaneously there are a lot of things that get lost in the shuffle.  Very often the things that get placed to the side here lately is my personal work.  While I love everything that I do, most of my growth takes place when I get the time to shoot for myself.  I have less worries and feel more free to do what I want with what I am creating. Without my personal projects, I would not be where I am today.  This is my classroom where I try to expand  what it is I am capable of doing.  The synopsis is:  Make time to do whatever it is you need to do to grow in whatever direction it is that you want to grow in.   This is from one lovely shoot in San Francisco a couple of years ago.
Veronica (1)Veronica (2)Veronica (3)Veronica (4)Veronica (5)Veronica (6)Veronica (7)Veronica (8)Veronica (9)Veronica (10)Veronica (11)Veronica (12)Veronica (13)Veronica (14)Veronica (15)Veronica (16)Veronica (17)Veronica (18)Veronica (19)Veronica (20)Veronica (21)Veronica (22)Veronica (23)Veronica (24)Veronica (25)Veronica (26)Veronica (27)Veronica (28)Veronica (29)Veronica (30)Veronica (31)Veronica (32)Veronica (33)Veronica (34)Veronica (35)Veronica (36)Veronica (37)Veronica (38)Veronica (39)Veronica (40)Veronica (41)Veronica (42)Veronica (43)Veronica (44)Veronica (45)Veronica (46)Veronica (47)Veronica (48)Veronica (49)Veronica (50)Veronica (51)Veronica (52)Veronica (53)Veronica (54)Veronica (55)Veronica (56)Veronica (57)Veronica (58)Veronica (59)Veronica (60)Veronica (61)Veronica (62)Veronica (63)Veronica (65)Veronica (66)Veronica (67)Veronica (68)Veronica[fb_button]